Sunday, January 24, 2010

Take A Stand!

That is, against texting and using a hand-held cell phone while driving. I caught an excellent episode of Oprah the other night and she shared several tragic stories. The drivers were sending texts messages or using a hand-held device.

Yes, I am guilty of this! On a very serious note, I feel incredibly lucky that I have not caused an accident or worse a death. We take a lot of chances simply driving on the road everyday..why raise the stakes?

There are only 6 states that do not allow hand-held cell phone and 19 states which prohibit texting, which simply amazes me! I live in California and both are a major NO NO! We are allowed to use a blue tooth or hands free device. But I still see tons of drivers on the major highways holding up the phone to their ear... The fines are outrageous as well!

I also highly recommend clicking on over to Oprahs website to listen to stories of families who have lost loved ones due to drivers texting while driving! It is a 15min segment. It will seriously make you think the next time you grab your phone on the road.

What are the rules for your State?! Click on over HERE, Very informative!


I have taken the pledge! No more texting while driving! Hands-free ONLY! Please join me in this serious matter! Click on over HERE to pledge!

I usually do not post topics like this, but I felt like it was really important to spread this information. Please comment on your opinions...thoughts... I highly encourage those to watch the segment off Oprah's website.

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Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

This is such a great thing to post and share with people. I am also in So Cal and try to avoid texting while driving. I tell my teen daughter not to text me when she knows I am in the car or on my way to/from work. It is scary and I, too see way too many people holding their phones up to their ears still. It's not that hard in today's day and age to get a wireless earpiece or even a plug in one.