Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fun Fun!

My Mother and I have been planning my birthday party these past couple of days...It will be a small affair..filled with all of my close friends and family who we never get to see! I must feels good planning something again!

First, I met with Jasmine from Sprinkles and Swirls! She was fantastic and brought along a couple of samplings of cupcakes! Yummy! My favorite was probably the dark chocolate with mint chocolate frosting... She is located near Harrisburg Pa. You must check out her website and her new wedding blog! I am very anxious to hear back about her ideas for my dessert table!

photo found: Sprinkles & Swirls

Next, I ordered my cute invites from Ink Obsessions! I have been posting some possibilites and finally decided on one! It is fun, modern and I think darn right perfect! Erin was super easy to work with and they have already been shipped to me! Don't worry I will take some pictures of them soon as I get my mits on them!

Then, I have been pondering... About three years ago my Husband and I went to Mexico for a vacation..and met a honeymoon couple. They were telling us all about the dos and don'ts, of their wedding day...I soaked up all the advice! There was one little detail that definitely stuck in my head, which was the photofetti they purchased for the dinner rehearsal. They said it was a huge success and people loved the idea...It is basically little confetti but with pictures of the groom/bride put on them. They did pictures of them as babies...up to present day. Below gives you an idea...

photo credit: photofetti

Has anyone heard of this company or ordered some...? Were you happy with the result? Should I splurge a little for this detail? Hmm.. the smallest order is $25.95 plus S&H. Putting me just over $30... The other details I was planning on doing were small glass vases holding two stems of pink flowers on each table.. I am keeping it simple but fun!

So...yay or nay?

Regardless I am just so anxious to see all of my friends! It is soo tough living on opposite coasts! Anybody else have a birthday coming up?!


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

We did the photofetti for my sister's bridal shower and it was a huge hit! I loved it. I can't remember if it was the exact same company as the one you posted but I do remember it was not that cheap. Though you should do a google search to see if you can find it just a little bit more affordable...$25 per bag may be just a bit much. :)

chelsea said...

sounds soooo fun! Isn't party planning THE best?!