Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let the Count Down Begin!

We are officially on Valentines Day countdown!

It made me flip through our Dates on a Dime book! I am seriously loving these ideas!

1.Use sidewalk chalk to declare your love; When you stroll through town or down a paved trail, leave a testament of your love by etching your initials into a heart. As you make your way home on the same path, stop and kiss at each marker you've created.

2. Picnic at the beach or at a romantic spot nearby. Burn tea lights at your site, setting them in clear baby food jars or other windproof containers. Don't forget the matches!

3. Using your best china, dine by candlelight at home. Remember to keep it simple: serve a meal from the grocer's freezer case.

Okay, I think im loving choice 3!!! That is soo up my alley! I love my little Dates On A Dime book! Pick up your copy right HERE!

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