Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mason Jars- For Sale

Approximately 3-4 Dozen Mason Jars for sale, in Hershey PA. Not looking to make a profit..rather to give to someone to help with decor for a special occasion!

There are so many different ways you can use the simple Mason Jar! Take a look below!

Throw in some flowers, not a new idea but it's still one of my favorites. You can also add ribbon or twine around the top to add some color. Don't just stick to one size, mix it up!

Candles...Candles...Candles!!!  With or without sand...Candles soften up a room! Add colored sand for a completely different look. Or water, using floating candles.

Use smaller sized jars as cups for lemonade or tea! Add a slice of lemon or a mint leaf for color and taste!

Fill the jar with bath salts! Use the lid of course to keep them tightly sealed, add a piece of ribbon and you have yourself a relaxing gift for someone special or keep for yourself! Go here to see the benefits of Epson Salts!  or Remember the cake in a jar gift! :) Click here to find a huge list of recipes!

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