Sunday, January 9, 2011

Supplies for a Dollar!

Ever thought of hitting up your local Dollar Tree for your big day? Take a look at some of these thrifty deals!

Having a carnival or Hollywood theme? Wouldn't these old fashion popcorn cups be perfect?  
Cost: 2pack for $1.00!

Or this popcorn tub! Cost: 1 tub for $1.00!
Putting together a popcorn buffet? Click over here for more! I plan on looking more into the popcorn buffet idea. Want a popcorn theme but don't dig the carnival feel, click over HERE for something a bit more chic.

Small white wedding favor boxes. Cost 6 count for $1.00!

3 inch glass candle-holders, Cost  $1.00 each!! This glass holder had some good reviews too.

Click over HERE to see more!!

On a personal note, my flight is canceled back to the West Coast! So, now we have two more nights here in PA! This is such good news :)


Laura said...

Dollar Tree has great deals, but they aren't quite THAT great - The prices are per unit, so the favor boxes are 6/$1, not 36/$1. It's 36 packages of 6 boxes each for $36. Their website is a little confusing. :) I still love that place, though! They have some great vases for $1 each as well!

The Southbay Newlyweds said...

oh thanks for the info!! that is important!