Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An East Coast Soiree

About a year ago I reconnected with an old High School friend. Trang and I played on the tennis team together. I believe she was a senior and I was a freshman :) Well, thanks to Facebook we have been able to catch up! I remember her telling me she was planning a wedding!! Well the time has come, look at her beautiful photographs...isn't she stunning?

I have fallen for her dress...

Can you guess where they tied the knot?

Love the red petals in the air!

I wonder if they choreographed their first dance?

I am totally into the reds and purples...

 Such a beautiful couple! Congratulations!!

Photography by Laura Eaton Photography, based in Philadelphia, PA

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mommy mye said...

omg, love love love her dress and the red and purple--*swoon* what a beautiful bride and such a cute couple indeed :)

Trang said...

I came across this blog again and never got to thank you for your wonderful post. It was a great wedding present:)