Saturday, October 24, 2009


Any other small chested ladies out there? Well, every time I go into Victoria Secret I always come out feeling bummed...Nothing ever fits right! That all ended today! Let me introduce you to VS Cotton!

They currently are running a "sale" on them. 2 for $40.00!! Use your coupon for an additional $10 off! That's 4 bras for 30.00 :) ohh..I love deals! and yes, I ended up buying 4! Online they have many more colors to choose from...patterns as well!
Did I mention how comfortable they are?


Blissfully Enamored said...

yay!! that is so exciting!!! thanks for sharing! randomly...i found that the Hanes bras at walmart (of all places) are really good! they have good padding and are super comfy...and only about $10!!! :)

Nicole said...

that is where i was getting my bras!! walmart :) hahah!!!!

Jodie said...

What wonderful news!! I feel like they never have bras small enough, but thank goodness for your find! Thanks for sharing!!