Sunday, October 11, 2009


My soon to be SIL is in the beginning stages of planning the big day! Currently, she is looking at a Navy/Black/Green combo. Which translates into peacock feather inspiration! I did a post of a wedding a little while back who went with this very theme...this morning I came across this one! I love this one a little more! Possibly due to all the jewel tones used throughout and just a hint of the peacock...take a peak at these stunning images by Kate Triano.

What a beautiful boquet! Just hints of feathers used in her bouquet and on his jacket!

Does anyone know if these feathers are expensive?

Yes, she is wearing blue shoes! I just love the little train in her dress!

This is one amazing shot! LOVE IT!

Oh, I remember the early stages of planning our wedding... its amazing how many times your mind changes...I had to seriously stop looking in magazines and click over to WeddingBee!

If my future SIL would go with this theme...I would totally be head over hills thrilled for them!! Until then, I must keep my fingers crossed and lips closed!


Amanda B. Young said...

That's what my future SIL is doing! I couldn't resist sending you this...

Amanda B. Young said...

Hahahah. P.S. Just realized that you actually commented on that board. LOL.

Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

My SIL had alllll feathers. No flowers. Anywhere. Her and a friend made all of the bouquets and bouts. (got supplies at Hobby Lobby during 1/2 off sales). When she told me she was doing this, I was a little unsure. But honestly, it was so pretty. And it fit her so well! I will try to find some pictures and post them this week sometime!