Sunday, August 17, 2008

Making progress..

These past couple of weeks have actually been very fun! It seems like everywhere I go..I find something else to purchase.. "oh that would be just perfect!" I am still in the early process of planning and considering that I live completely on the other side of the country doesn't make it any easier. I can is nice to have access to more different types of stores out here in LA versus back in central PA!! Everything is at my fingertips out here...and well that could be very dangerous at the same time!! :) Here are some items that I have picked up on my various shopping trips!

First.. I totally fell inlove with these baskets: TJ Maxx. They will be used for the ladies room..I will fill them up with lotions..soaps..body spray..floss..My cousin did this for her wedding and I was in heaven with that body spray provided!! Especially after a whole evening of dancing! I also found these baskets at World Market and figured they would be perfect for programs. To put them together you lace up the sides and tie the knot :)

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