Friday, August 8, 2008

Flower Power!

I am definately leaning towards cream colored flowers...possibly some green for the BMs. My Mother made some calls and we are in the works to set up some times to meet with florists when we fly back east next month! So far...I'm loving...the Bells of Ireland for the BMs...against their black dresses! ...and all the cream/white bouquets for the bride! I think the biggest task will be how to decorate the venue. I am really anxious to work with the florist in decorating the fireplace... It's right infront of the dance floor!


jessica lynn said...

1. love the cream/ivory for you and the green for the BMs.
2. thanks for the comment on my blog. the engagement photo shoot went SO well and our photographer just posted ONE picture as a sneak peak!! check it out here:

jessica lynn said...

hey nicole! you posted a comment about advice that I have for you for your meeting with your florist. I would 100% go with peonies if I was you. they are in season at the end of may and SO beautiful. i am so jealous i couldnt have them for my wedding. advice...take a ribbon swatch with you of the colors of the flowers you want. then you and your florist wont have any miscommunication!