Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2nd Anniversary!

Okay, so I'm one day late...oopps! 

Wow, did those two years fly by.... seriously! The Husband and I have a mini getaway planned for next week when we return back to the East Coast! We will be heading to Philadelphia for a photo shoot with the talented Amanda from SwoonOverIt! (Super excited to meet her!)

I also let my Husband know that we need to add to our collection... (look below) maybe a chocolate syrup bottle would look nice along side our chocolate bar? Make it a fun little ritual...Chocolate World! We will see! We don't have anything big planned like last year..maybe for our 3 year we will be living in our OWN house back on the East Coast? :) Then we can throw a nice party.. hmmm!!!

We have definitely grown a whole bunch these past two years! I am so looking forward to the next couple and what it has in store for us! And to end this post... some lovely wedding hoopla pictures!!

Engagement! (Manhattan Beach, CA) Sight Photography

The day after we tied the knot! (Mont Alto, PA) Sight Photography

A little over our 1 year anniversary! (Sunset Beach, SC) Jamie Blow Photography

I will share our 2 year pictures as soon as I get my paws on them :)

May 30, 2009

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey! Happy 2 years! :)

Your trip sounds so nice! Can't wait to see the pictures!