Friday, June 6, 2008


There are so many options out there for invites! They set the tone for your BIG day! I have come across several invitation styles that I have fell in love with but...they come with a big price tag. Honestly, I would love to design my own but I don't have a good printer nor program software. I have collected a few of my favorites. What will I choose?! I think I am definately stuck on the black/green/white palate!


jessica lynn said...

hey nicole! i saw you commented about my attempt to practice calligraphy and how you could do the same. truth is, i have no idea how to go about starting to practice! there HAS to be a website or a book out there somewhere! right now i am just using a special pen and attempting to have it make my handwriting look "calligraphied." Let me know if you have any luck!

jessica lynn said...

me again! thanls for your comment on my blog! here's the deal. i ordered my monogram from lucky designs. there is a free software program that i use to cut and crop images: Irfan view. Anyways, it allows you to work with images (you can take a screen shot of something, paste it into irfan view, and resize/crop/work with it). I am having someone else do my actual invitation design because I dont have adobe illustrator. e-mail me (there is a link on my profile) for more info!